Angi Wood

Angi Wood joined Ranch & Resort Realty after moving to the Steamboat area in 2016.  

Originally from a small rural community in North Wales, Angi grew up among farmers and shepherds. There she developed an abiding love for the outdoors and countryside. She has a deep respect for rural communities and the people who live and work in them. 

After an impressive career of 45 years in the medical profession, Angi turned her skills to real estate. Upon relocating to northwest Colorado, she purchased vacant land and built her own home. She gained invaluable experience and contacts working with contractors, county officials, and design professionals.  

Many of the skills that made her a successful physician also benefit her clients.  An excellent listener with a keen eye for detail, Angi fully appreciates the importance of developing client trust. She is attuned to their needs and particular concerns and serves as an advocate and guide in the delicate and complicated process of buying and selling valuable real estate.  After living in many places, both in the US and abroad, Angi acutely understands the value of having and making a home.