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Ranch & Resort Realty was established to provide succinct advice to people looking to transition into or out of their real estate holdings.  With the internet at our fingertips, information is easy to find;  RRR applies experience and market knowledge to condense the ocean of information into focused material applicable to the client.

RRR implements a targeted strategy to effectively market ranches and resort-area properties.

Buyers can capitalize on the market knowledge and practical ranch and resort experience of the RRR agents. 

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Ranch & Resort Properties News

Elk River pool and riffle with cottonwood trees on the banks of the river

Whiskey’s for Drinkin’….

….and water’s for fightin’! This is an adage straight out of the Old West that has held true for generations. As one of the major sources of water in the entire West, fighting over Colorado’s water in the early 1900’s extended across state lines. An agreement was reached among seven states in 1922 that provided …

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    Fencing: To Barb or not to Barb?

    While showing one of my ranch listings recently, the topic of conversation in the Ranger was materials used for the perimeter fence.  The buyer wanted to know how to mitigate the barbed wire fence to prevent one of her self-described less-than-pasture-wise horses from getting tangled up in the fence.  Colorado is a “fence out” state; …

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    Sagebrush Thoughts

    While I attended a class on weeds over the last several weeks, the instructor touched on a question I often hear from buyers or new owners of acreage: Can I plow up the sagebrush and replace it with grass? The simple answer may seem to be to cultivate the ground, but if you do that …

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    Range Beef Cow Symposium – Cheyenne, WY

    I recently attended a three day Range Beef Cow Symposium in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It was loaded with up-to-the minute research findings and data pertinent to the cattle industry. While my husband soaked in all of the practical applications to our high mountain cattle herd, I found the legislative and advocacy presentations applicable to both my …

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  • Powerful representation of quality ranch and resort properties

    Judicious advisors, consultants and marketers.


    RRR has an impressive list of successful closed transactions. Recreation ranches, hunting ranches, fishing ranches, cattle ranches and guest ranches-you name it-we’ve done it and done it well.


    Resort properties are highly influenced by the resort in the area, whether it be a ski area, lake, unique natural feature or community. Lifestyle is a major attraction for these properties. Knowledge of the nuances of a resort community, its vibe and its regulations are invaluable tools for understanding the market.


    Practical real estate advice and consulting that is solely based on client needs will produce timely, efficient and professional results. Good, useful advice is the foundation for good decisions; RRR applies its knowledge and experience to specific client needs for the best outcome.

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