About Ranch & Resort Realty

Ranch & Resort Realty was established to provide service and succinct advice to people looking to transition into or out of their real estate holdings.  With the internet at our fingertips, information is easy to find.  R&RR applies experience and market knowledge to condense the ocean of information into focused material that is applicable to the client.

R&RR implements highly customized and targeted strategies to effectively market the unique ranches and properties found in Colorado’s resort areas. 

Buyers benefit from the general market knowledge and hands-on understanding of the ranching and resort-area lifestyles of the Ranch & Resort Realty agents. 

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Ranch & Resort Realty Articles


Hay Production in Routt County – Part 1

Harvesting hay is a significant part of my ranch operation; we need several hundred tons to get our cows, bulls, heifers, and horses through the winter.  I am often asked by fellow agents and buyers alike about hay production in our area here in Northwest Colorado.  I compiled a list of questions I commonly get, along with …

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  • Irrigation ditch

    Water rights – Do you need a Stock Certificate

    Most ditches in northwest Colorado deliver water just as they did a hundred years ago and most are organized just like they were back then–water owners either cooperate or argue (or both) over how the water is delivered and managed.  When multiple water users share the same ditch for delivery of water, absent an agreement or …

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  • 14

    Routt County Skyline Regulations

    Having amazing views outside your window is a significant factor people consider when buying or building homes in the mountains. Likewise, no one wants a new neighbor to build a mansion on the top of a mountain or hill in their view corridor. The natural contour of hills and mountains is interrupted by new homes …

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  • 16

    It’s County Fair Time – August 22 Routt Recap

    Routt County in the month of August as documented by Hallie Myhre. Like most months, August in Colorado is an excellent time for outdoor reaction. Locals enjoy the trails, rivers, lakes, and public land. For the agriculture community of Routt County, August is a busy month. Haying season is in full swing and local 4H …

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  • Powerful Representation

    Judicious advisors, consultants and marketers


    RRR has an impressive list of successful closed transactions. Recreation ranches, hunting ranches, fishing ranches, cattle ranches and guest ranches-you name it-we’ve done it and done it well.


    Resort properties are highly influenced by the resort in the area, whether it be a ski area, lake, unique natural feature or community. Lifestyle is a major attraction for these properties. Knowledge of the nuances of a resort community, its vibe and its regulations are invaluable tools for understanding the market.


    Practical real estate advice and consulting that is solely based on client needs will produce timely, efficient and professional results. Good, useful advice is the foundation for good decisions; RRR applies its knowledge and experience to specific client needs for the best outcome.