10 Signs Telling Me it’s Calving Season:

  1. The number of warm days outnumbers the cold days
  2. Powdered colostrum and milk, medicine and vaccines creep into my cabinets, fridge and freezer
  3. Very pregnant cows take on an uncomfortable stance as they vigorously switch their tails
  4. Our bulls fight hard and bellow long, low groans
  5. 2:00 in the morning is as familiar as 2:00 in the afternoon
  6. The crock-pot works full time, providing meals ’round-the-clock
  7. Days-old calves run through the fields, their upright tails flying like little flags
  8. Shallow lakes form in meadows so migrating ducks and geese can take a break
  9. Neighbors call for help and neighbors come to help
  10. My hairdryer, great for warming up a cold calf, is converted to a barn appliance