Christy Belton

Christy Belton founded Ranch & Resort Realty to provide superior insight and guidance to her clients.   Christy says “I listen hard and I work hard. I take great pride in my job to provide genuine counsel in an often complex and emotional process.  My competitive advantage in this business is due diligence and accuracy.  The fact checking helps avoid surprises and keeps the process on track.  Additionally, I am constantly watching/researching the market, and taking advantage of every educational opportunity that comes my way (not just what’s required for my license).  I am in a continual state of learning so that I can pass information on to my clients.”

As a rancher, Christy understands hard work, persistence and patience. She applies those same principles to her business. She and her husband, Matt, are owners of a commercial cattle/hay operation and previous owners of a pack-in wilderness big game outfitting company. Christy has more than 17 years of experience in the ranch and resort real estate market. She is no stranger to the intricacies of ranch and recreation land transactions and she has a well-rounded approach to facilitating a smooth buyer and seller transaction.  As a direct and capable business professional, Christy is well experienced in the complexities of land brokerage. She is well versed in water and minerals rights, easements, livestock and outdoor recreation operations on both private and public land. In short, she walks the walk.

Christy works for her clients as an advisor, consultant, marketer and real estate broker.  She places significant value on client confidentiality.  Her integrity and accountability coupled with her experience are what make her representation invaluable. She has logged over $200 Million in ranch and resort sales in northwest Colorado and consistently produces results.  Of the 25,000 agents in Colorado, she is one of 34 to hold the esteemed Accredited Land Consultant designation.  High volume thresholds and extensive education requirements make the A.L.C. the most difficult to obtain in the industry.  Christy was voted “Best of the Boat” Ranch Broker in Steamboat Springs, has been awarded the Colorado Land Broker of the Year and has been recognized for outstanding volume in the state of Colorado.  

Uncomfortable with the accolades, Christy would rather demonstrate her ability instead of talking about it.  Give her a call to discuss anything she can help you with regarding ranch and resort real estate. 

A few of Christy’s sales:

The Home Ranch – 550 Acres – $16,425,000
The Mantle Ranch – 525 Acres – $3,900,000
Trout Creek Ranch – 1100 Acres – $6,250,000
Mystic Hill Ranch – 1300 Acres – $7,800,000
Step Rock Ranch – 835 Acres – $3,950,000
Rafter 5 Snake River Ranch – 741 Acres – $799,000
Wyatt Ranch – 12000 Acres – $9,500,000
Brinker Creek Ranch – 1451 Acres – $2,400,000
Little Trout Ranch – 3397 Acres – $4,500,000
Vista Verde Guest Ranch – 587 Acres – $16,250,000
Elk Meadows Ranch – 360 Acres – $2,850,000
Round Mountain Ranch – 1190 Acres – $11,000,000
Turner Ranch – 747 Acres – $1,650,000
Michigan River Ranch – 2080 Acres – $6,950,000
Chimney Creek Ranch – 560 Acres – $1,999,999
May Ranch – 380 Acres – $5,000,000
Hagemeister Ranch – 200 Acres – $8,900,000
Bear River Ranch – 43 Acres – $1,450,000
Sand Point Ranch – 2272 Acres – $12,950,000
Deep Creek Ranch North – 1900 Acres – $10,000,000