Colorado Adventure for an Educated Populace

Colorado ranks among the top of the states in our nation for education and income. When it comes to elbow room and opportunities for adventure, Colorado is tough to top. With plenty of room to roam and recreate, it’s no wonder people are flocking to this scenic state! Here are some interesting Centennial-State stats:

37th state for density with 52 people per square mile

8th largest state in area totaling 104,093 square miles

#1 for number of fourteeners (53)

9th state for public land acreage with 26,458,890 acres

2nd highest percentage of residents holding a bachelors degree

5th richest state with a median income of $74,172 (vs. $61,000 overall U.S. income) and a poverty rate of 8.7%

Colorado residents are well-educated and healthy, and they provide an attractive pool of employees. With its central location in the United States and mountain time zone, Colorado is also convenient for adventure travel and business. Last but not least, the state is loaded with public land, an important amenity for physical and mental health when a pandemic rears it’s ugly head!