Top Selling horse – $225,000

Wickenburg, Arizona was the epicenter for fancy horses this past weekend.  The Cowgirl Cadillacs horse auction (only in its 2nd year) was a success with the top horse fetching $225,000 (nope, not a typo)!  The auction dubbed “horses from ladies, for ladies” and is a tip of the hat to remarkable women who defied societal norms in America’s early western history.  Every horse offered at the auction was offered by a woman who lives up to the example set by those early female trailblazers.  It seemed only fitting for the female ranch brokers of Ranch & Resort Realty and Mason & Morse Ranch Company to partner-up and sponsor the event.  Several of my horse-friendly ranches were on display and we had a constant stream of horse owners and bidders come by the booth to talk ranch real estate.  Steamboat Sandblasting provided us with Cowgirl Cadillacs etched glass ware.  Despite the unusual Arizona downpour, the event was well attended and exciting.  People from all over the west, particularly the snowy west, attended the auction. It was held at the Rancho de los Caballeros guest ranch and golf club in the High Sonoran Desert near Phoenix.  The top selling horse was Blue Chip Investment, a 9-year-old blue roan gelding.  A registered Friesian/quarter horse cross, “Chip” was 16.1 hands and extremely well trained.  The average price for the 50-horse auction was just under $30,000.